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Integrated Process Control

  • PBR Automotive – Batch rubber mixing and analysis system
  • Earthpower Camellia – Pre-Treatment works and SCADA
  • Tunnel Composting Automation systems in Australia and New Zealand

Machine Tool Manufacturing

  • We provide electrical design and software for an Australian machine tool manufacturer.
  • These machine tools targets the Toolmaking and Aerospace industries, who demand extremely high machining performance and accuracy.
  • Innovative and unique performance features include unprecedented accuracy, smoothness and acceleration for the largest machined parts.

Metal Machining Technologies

  • Machine Tool Networking (Distributed Numerical Control - DNC)
  • Manufacturing Data Management Systems
  • Machine Data Acquisition
  • CNC Machine Tool Refurbishment and Retrofit
  • CAD/CAM Integration

Industrial Automation

Integration Solutions have successfully completed various automation projects with large Australian manufacturers and have established long-term relationships with major industry players such as GM Holden, Ford, and Venture Industries.

Common requirements for these projects are:

  • 100% uptime during production hours (1-2 shifts)
  • High Penalties for production line downtime
  • Designed backup and downtime plans and automatic fail-over capabilities.

Automotive Logistics

We have developed and continue to refine real-time data acquisition and reporting technologies for several companies to support their "Just in Time" manufacturing and supply systems.

These systems have been in production for 10 years with no missed deliveries due to system downtime during this period.

Software Development Competencies

Our projects have been successfully completed using a wide range of programming Languages and Hardware systems.

These include:

  • Windows Platform
  • C++, Delphi, VB, VB.NET PLC/SCADA
  • Siemens S7 Step 7 / WinCC SCADA
  • Allen Bradley SLC, Logix Family, RSlogix / RSView
  • CiTectScada
  • Omron PLC
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • PC/PLC Automation
  • BeckhoffTwinCAT (Innovative German PC control technology)
  • Proprietary PC based control system.